Group Therapy Benefits

Group therapy involves going to therapy with a handful of other people.  You start off as strangers but quickly develop a deeper relationship. You help others with their issues and receive feedback on your own issues. Group therapy is a collaborative approach to treatment. In group therapy, you are free to discuss your problems in ...


Listen To Your Partner

We’ve all been there. Twenty minutes of bickering and things have only gotten more intense. Voice volume has increased but understanding has decreased. You don’t feel heard and are way past the point of listening. Definitely no constructive communication happening at this point.   So what can you do differently? Maybe you’ve both agreed to make ...

5 ways to Build Confidence

Confidence is important to a healthy mind. Low self-esteem is common in those who experience depression and anxiety. No matter the reason for low confidence, there are steps that you can take to raise your self-esteem a little at a time. Here are 5 things to start with when facing your lack of confidence.


Seeking Solutions, Guiding Progress

  Symptoms of depression, sadness, anger, frustration, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, overeating, lack of energy, irritability, and frequent arguments can be treated in individual, couple, and group therapy. Allow yourself the time and space to seek and explore your emotions, desires, and goals. Work towards improving yourself and your relationships by engaging in the experience of ...

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