Dr. Powers Therapy


*We do not accept insurance; however, proper documentation will be provided in order for you to seek Out-Of-Network benefit reimbursement. If you have any questions about your Out of Network Benefits or how to use them, please call or email me so I can help.


Individual Therapy

Dr. Powers- $120 per 55 minute session


Couples Therapy

Dr. Powers- $125 per 55 minute session


Evaluation & Assessment

*The cost of Psychological Evaluations and Assessment vary greatly based on need.  Please call to discuss your specific reason for an evaluation and you will be given a fee estimate.  Some examples of types of evaluations include:

Bariatric Evaluation

Immigration Evaluations

Psychological Diagnostic and Treatment Recommendation Evaluation

Forensic Psychological Evaluations  including Competency Evaluations, Criminal Responsibility Evaluations, Risk Assessments




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