Several forms of therapy are available in order to meet your needs. Therapy can be specific to an issue you are currently facing such as, depression, anxiety, sadness, divorce, or life change.  Therapy can also be more general such as, wanting to improve interpersonal skills, become more assertive, increase confidence, or exploring your personality traits.

Individual Therapy

The goal of individual therapy is improving yourself.  Many times, we give so much of our selves to others that we lose focus of our own happiness.  Individual therapy can help to reduce symptoms related to anxiety, depression, and anger while increasing self-confidence, goal orientation, and coping skills.  An humanistic approach is taken in therapy which allows you to be reminded of your nature, gain access to emotions, and find meaning in life.

Couples Therapy

When conflict over shadows love, it maybe time to seek couples counseling.  Establishing better communication skills, expressing love more frequently, and increasing intimacy are generally areas to explore in therapy. Marriage provides the foundation for support in all other areas of life, having a happy and loving relationship is likely to lead to happiness in all other areas of life.

Teen Therapy

The Parent-Child relationship is important to adolescent development.  Unfortunately, the experience of being a teenager can make maintaining a conflict-free parent-child relationship difficult. Therapy can help teens to see the importance of learning conflict resolution skills while expressing their feelings in a safe environment.  Peer conflict can also interfere with confidence development.  Therapy with teens often work to improve all relationships and seek a healthy transition into adulthood.

Group Therapy

Group therapy provides the setting to explore our own interpersonal skills and deficits.  Our strengths can become highlighted and our weaknesses kindly exposed.  Group therapy is a unique experience that promotes positive social skills, increased self-awareness, and support from others. While it may be scary at first, the potential for growth in group therapy is huge.  Help other people reach their goals while at the same time improving your self-worth, self-esteem, and communication skills.

Evaluation & Assessment

Psychological evaluations can be tailored to your needs. Bariatric evaluations, Immigration Assessments, Personality Assessment, and Diagnostic Evaluations are a few types of assessments available.  Please call to discuss your personal evaluation.  Other therapist are also encouraged to refer therapy clients for a Diagnostic and Treatment Recommendation Evaluation in order to make better use of therapy sessions.


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