Seeking Solutions & Guiding Progress

Dr. Raychel Powers 

Take the first step in seeking happiness for yourself.

Why Therapy?

Allow yourself the time and space to seek and explore your emotions, desires, and goals in a safe, non-judgmental setting. Work towards bettering yourself and your relationships by engaging in the unique experience of therapy.

The goal of therapy may be to repair your relationships, decrease anxiety, improve your mood, increase self-esteem, or learn to manage stress. Therapy may help you to reach your goals by addressing your individual needs and finding solutions.

Together we will work to find better ways to explain your feelings, express your emotions, and develop a sense of peace.

We are proud to be LGBT+ Allies, Sex Positive, and Medical Marijuana Friendly.


Several forms of therapy are available in order to meet your needs. Therapy can be specific to an issue you are currently facing such as, depression, anxiety, sadness, divorce, or life change.  Therapy can also be more general such as, wanting to improve interpersonal skills, become more assertive, increase confidence, or exploring your personality traits.

Individual Therapy

The goal of individual therapy is improving yourself. Many times, we give so much of our selves to others that we lose focus of our own happiness...

Couples Therapy

When conflict over shadows love, it maybe time to seek couples counseling.Establishing better communication skills, expressing love more frequently, and increasing intimacy are..

Group Therapy

Group therapy provides the setting to explore our own interpersonal skills and deficits. Our strengths can become highlighted and our weaknesses kindly exposed. Group therapy is a unique experience that promotes positive social skills...

Evaluation & Assessment

Psychological evaluations can be tailored to your needs. Immigration Evaluations, Personality Assessment, Bariatric evaluations, and Diagnostic Evaluations are a few types of assessments available. Maybe your attorney has requested a psychological evaluation?

About Dr. Powers

In approaching treatment in therapy, I am solution focused and client centered, meaning I am always seeking ways to reduce problems while keeping in mind your specific personality.  Cognitive behavioral interventions are combined with Mindfulness based activities to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.  The importance of emotional expression and self-acceptance is emphasized. I provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere for you to share your thoughts and stressors.  Humor and support are both often used in therapy.

Most importantly, I am passionate about helping others.  Nothing is more rewarding that seeing your anxiety decrease over time or being a part of you finding joy in life again.  I genuinely enjoy my work and love the process of therapy…

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