I am a Licensed Psychologist located in Tallahassee, FL., specializing in therapy with adults, teens, couples, and groups.

Feeling Anxious? Depressed? Stressed? Angry? These are very common but unwanted feelings.

The goal of therapy may be to repair your relationships, increase self-esteem, or learn to manage stress. We will develop a treatment plan to target your concerns.

Together, in therapy we will work to find better ways to explain your feelings, express anger, and develop a sense of peace.

Services Available:

I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness skills in therapy. CBT involves changing thoughts and behaviors which then effects the way you feel.  Mindfulness is awareness of the present moment. Being mindful brings calm to your mind and body. Together these interventions promote positive, healthy, and long lasting changes.

Take the first step in seeking happiness for yourself, for your home, and in your relationships.

Call 850-807-9801 today so that we can begin to help you reach your goals!

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